Buy and deliver flowers
Car Service – wash, oil change and repair
Cookie/cupcake deliver to child’s classroom
Drop off forgotten homework/lunches
Drop off/pick up dry cleaning
Drop off/pick up prescriptions
Film Developing
Jewelry/shoe/watch repair – pick up/drop off
Pick up movies, magazine, or newspaper
Pick up/deliver office supplies
Pick up/drop off movie rentals
Post office needs – buy stamps, drop off/pick
     up mail or packages
Return library books
Party help – set up, meet & greet guests,      serve food, clean up

Courier/messenger service – pick
     up/delivery of packages and documents
Gift buying/exchanging/returning
Gift wrapping
Grocery shopping
House sitting
Lunch delivery
Personal shopping
Pet sitting
Pet taxi
Waiting services – waiting at client’s home
     for deliveries or service, waiting in line      for tickets, or at DMV
Writing thank you notes/invitations
Deliver forms for customer’s signatures
Deliver Welcome Packets to new
     home owners
Arrange to have goodies at Open House
Set up For Sale sign and Sold Signs